The Farmers Of Eidin

We believe there is a path to vitality, health, and healing following the old ways, the original design. We are stewards and cultivators of the land, shepherds and caretakers of the animals, gardeners creating beauty and order and abundant life from the raw materials of God’s creation.
Rather than fighting natural processes with drugs, pesticides, herbicides, and chemical “fertilizers”, we work with nature to bring true fertility and life back to the soil, raising happy animals in the sunshine, fresh air, and green grass.
By sourcing your food from us you become part of the story, helping cultivate a resilient local food system, supporting a couple local families working to make a difference, in addition to bringing rich nutrition and flavor to your own plate.

Live in the sunshine!

Anthony, Brian & Amy, and the Eidin folks


Eidin is a small family farm a few miles south of Eau Claire where we raise happy, healthy animals on pasture, operating by the seasons. We implement regenerative farming methods and rotational grazing to maximize the health of the whole ecosystem: the soil, the grass, the animals, the humans. We market pastured poultry, eggs, and lamb directly to local families in the Chippewa Valley.

The Eidin Name

Eidin (ē-din) originates from Éidin, an Irish Gaelic form of “Eden”. It brings together themes of Eden, the original garden, and evokes images of serene flocks of sheep grazing on the rolling green hills of Ireland, a tribute to our Irish family heritage.